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Engineering, Informationstechnologie, Consulting Solutions

We have combined our many years of experience from various corporate and service areas under one roof.

Competent approach and appearance is the recipe for our prompt, economical and high-quality results.

Therefore, in order to permanently optimize project work, our constant focus is on the further development of our expertise. The profitability and quality of project work for our clients is our obligation.

Trust, fairness, respect, and openness are the basis for our actions. Any problems we tackle directly by creating corresponding solutions for our customers.

Trust only arises by reliability and respectable solutions. This we claim from us and our services. Behind a successful result there always is a clever mind, behind a successful company there always are many clever minds. Our group consists of professionals who understand, think innovative, realize and make a difference. This includes not only understanding and strategic thinking but also visions, instinct, and experience.

We create a competitive advantage for our partners by providing:

A One-Source Service
  • Consistent responsibility from your idea up to the finished product
  • Reduced coordination costs down to one contact
Specific Deployment of Experts
  • Exclusive deployment of highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Project teams individually composed geared to requirements targeted
Short Development Times
  • A unique combination of development, design, and production
  • Tried-and-tested concepts and production processes
High-Tech at Best Costs
  • German engineering competence combined with production sites in Turkey
Quality for Product & Process
  • A holistic view of quality from PEP up to the finished product in the field
  • Broad access to quality tools and certifications

EICS provides a holistic and integrated approach when developing ideas into a finished product


Winner of Deutscher Gründerpreis 2013
The company is certified by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
The company was awarded the Fairness First award from Deutsche Innovationsinstitut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung

Numerous renowned companies are our business partners:


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