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We protect your processes and hardware with preventive measures.

The EICS Group Quality Management Center of Competence (QM CoC) supports its partners from the areas automotive, aerospace and automotive supply industry worldwide in their development and production processes.

Our internationally experienced professionals come into action in the early concept phase of development and provide support throughout the entire product development process through all the Q-gates.

To deliver preventive quality assurance in a sustainable manner we support the products up to 6 months after SOP in the field and respond accordingly to our customers’ needs. The Q-cycle allows for dynamic optimization of new product generations. We regard preventive quality policy as a very important approach in order to avoid quality problems in the field and reactive quality work from the beginning. Our performance in the design phase is an important indicator to reduce product costs.

Depending on customers’ needs the QM CoC accepts partly or overall responsibility for components, modules up to assembly (SA) from the early development phase of product development to production through to qualification or auditing of suppliers.

The team’s expertise focuses on the following benefits: